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We need your help!

Due to recent changes in land use by the Victorian State Government, our local council (the Yarra Ranges Council) is required to enforce proper use of land under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic).  Unfortunately, we are now required us to demonstrate certain uses of land that was not previously needed.

We now need to show that the land at 930 Yarra Junction –Noojee Rd  has been used for motorcycle events/ car events / U-Pick – in effect we need to show that there is a “prior use” of the land that pre-dates the compliance requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic). 

What we have to do

To comply with this direction we need to demonstrate “prior use” of the land for events including:

  • club days;

  • interclub days including a range of state and national rounds and vintage rounds of the various championships;

  • car clubs not limited but inclusive of Austin 7, Yarra Valley 4x4.

  • Attendance at any of these events as spectator/ parent/ friend.

Critically, we need to show that we used the land either:

  • immediately before 20 July 2000OR

  • continuously since at least May 2008

What can you do

We are seeking help from all the clubs and people who were / are in clubs or if you participated as a rider /driver/ spectator to fill out a statuary declaration setting out the years you were here on the properties and the events you participated in.


The Statutory Declaration can be downloaded from the Red Button at the bottom of this page. Fill it out just either section 1 ,2 if applicable or 4. Please fill out in section 4 as many years that you can remember attending or list the start date and the end date in years of your attendance. In this we are not looking for the actual date if you know the date that is fine but the year is important.


 If you need help filling out the forms call me on 0427101716 or email me

Then it needs to be returned to us.

Send Reply to

We are also looking for:

  • photographs, trophies, certificates; or

  • any emails stating that you participated in an event prior to May 2008 or July 2000

When by?

We have only a few weeks to manage this situation or we will not be allowed to hold any events here ever again.

We are very grateful for the support and help!

Need Help? 
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